Using RNK Stitch N Shape to Make a Masquerade Mask

You may have heard of RNK Stitch N Shape but may have been curious about what you can actually do with it. We were recently asked to make masks for a charity “masquerade ball”. There are so many different ways to make a masquerade mask and several of those ways can result in massive failure. Plus, this request came during our costume prop design sessions for upcoming C2E2 (Comicon) in Chicago. With creative juices flowing at an all-time high, we decided to put in some overtime and crank out a new project!

Like everyone, the first stop on the creation train was Pinterest. After only a few minutes, we found a free mask pattern! Score! The logical next step was to dig through old ribbons, crystals, beads, and trims and got to creating!

The base for these masks is RNK’s STITCH N SHAPE – this product is fusible on one side, thick but flexible – a perfect foundation for the masks. Then, it was time to come up with a theme. Initial thoughts, “animalistic” and you can see the other is a “joker” – perfect for these folks! While digging in the scrap bin, we found a scrap of that cool appliqué diamond fabric. It fused to the Stitch N Shape lickity split.

Then it was time to incorporated our fabulous new Heat Transfer Foils/Vinyls available in our new Embellish and Cosplay lines by RNK. These foils/vinyls handle beautifully and even withstood the “shaping” of the Stitch N Shape with the heat gun. Add some crystals, ribbons, feathers and trims – voila! Ready for a fabulous time at the Ball!

Who is Your Cosplay Alter Ego? Find Yourself.

We are CRAZY (yes all caps) for Cosplay!! We haven’t been this excited for the sewing/crafting industry since the cover hem was introduced for serger. Ggggggg! And the best part, each one of us have the freedom to figure out who our cosplay alter ego is!

Those of you that truly “know” me and have been to my classes know that I am a nerd with a capital “N”. Having this credential in my DNA makes me a fanatic for all things Cosplay!
Let me back up, do you know what Cosplay is? Cosplay literally means “costume play” and it is amazing how many people put on their “cosplay” identity when you mention that word! It makes me giddy! Star Wars, WonderWoman, Thor – whatever your cosplay alter ego may be, Cosplay lets you enter that world.

A little history on cosplay. It’s still a fairly new cultural phenomenon. It started in Japan and other parts of Asia in the early 1990’s. You may see this and think “Do they just pretend it’s Halloween year round?” The answer is an emphatic “No!”. For many cosplayers, designing their costumer is an art and a simple Google image search for the term “cosplay costumes” will show you just that!

I just graduated myself into “armor making” – oh my gosh – “hooked” doesn’t describe it. I love creating pieces out of our new Hero Foam – spray painting, embellishing and then “BAMM”, I have a super hero piece just like in the movies! I never knew I could create a crown, breast plate or shoulder pauldron (fancy, huh?) with such simple steps! The cool thing about our new SewMuchCosplay Hero-Foam is it is a one-step process – NO priming. Just cut it, layer it, paint it – DONE!

Want to find SewMuchCosplay Hero-Foam for yourself? Check out our Dealer Locator to find a local Sew Much Cosplay dealer near you!